Root Canal Therapy Edmonton

Having trouble even munching on your favorite chips? If you’re experiencing constant tooth pain or swelling of the gums around your tooth, chances are you will need root canal therapy. Tooth pain that requires  root canal therapy is usually caused by:

  • Inflamed “pulp” inside the tooth
  • An abscess or other infection
  • Gum decay or inflammation
  • A crack or fracture in the tooth

If you experience any of the symptoms described above, make an appointment for an examination.

Root Canal Therapy is performed to alleviate pain in patients experiencing these kind of symptoms. By drilling into the tooth, extracting the inflamed pulp, and filling the tooth cavity with a special material to take its place. This procedure is very common among dental patients, and goes a long way towards restoring the affected tooth. Endodontic therapy can relieve tooth pain and inflammation, and reduce the risk of further infections.


After diagnosis, a long appointment usually is required to perform the root canal therapy. A root canal therapy is done in several steps:

  1. An opening is made on the problem tooth to remove the infected nerve tissue and/or blood vessels
  2. Canal is then cleaned
  3. Canal is filled and sealed with special material to prevent future infection
  4. Tooth is restored with fillings 

Root Canal Therapy is a very safe procedure that carries little to no risk, and patients are anesthetized for a quick, painless surgery. After RCT is done, a crown is highly recommended to prevent break/fracture of the tooth. Discoloration can happen after the root canal therapy, in which case a crown can be done for aesthetics as well.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or inflammation in line with the symptoms described above, don’t hesitate to contact Ellerslie 66 Dental and schedule an appointment.


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