Pediatric Dentistry in Edmonton

We, at Ellerslie 66 Dental, see children as well as adults. We promote children’s dental health as much as adults’. We need you—parents’ participation and help in this process. Without parents’ support children will not be able to maintain their dental health.

Regular Dental Examination

Visiting a dentist within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth is recommended in Canada by the CDA (The Canadian Dental Association). As we emphasize in the Preventative Dentistry, the purpose is to take preventative measures before problems occur or get more serious. A dental exam every six months is recommended if a kid had cavities before, otherwise every twelve months. Another important reason to have regular dental visit for kids is to teach them good oral habits and learn the importance of oral heath from their childhood.

Digital X-rays

When a child can tolerate the digital sensors, x-rays will be taken to show decay between teeth (which normally can not be seen in the mouth) and to show whether teeth are coming and/or coming in the expected way.

PFS (pit-and-fissure sealants)

Pits and fissures are natural anatomy on our teeth, they vary in sizes though. If they are wide and big (but narrow and small for toothbrush bristles to reach), it is very easy for food and bacteria to be trapped in and cause decay and cavities. In these cases, we recommend sealant which is a kind of resin/plastic material that glue to the tooth surfaces to seal the pits and grooves to reduce the chance of trapping of food and bacteria and thus prevent cavities.

Home Care

Young children are too young to clean their own teeth well. Thus parent(s) must do it them when they are too young and help them as they get older.

Even before babies have teeth, parents should start clean their tongue and gum using a soft gauze. After they have their teeth, parents can continue using gauze to clean tongue, gum and teeth. Parents can also start using rubber toothbrush and soft toothbrush to clean.

When children have good fine motor controls, they are ready to brush their teeth well. Still, parents should check to make sure they clean well.

Tooth Brushes

Soft toothbruses of the right size are recommended. They should be replaced once the bristles are bent or worn down.


Once a child can spit things out, toothpaste with fluoride is recommended. Only use a small amount of toothpaste every time.

For a child when can not spit yet, training toothpaste can be used.

Public Water

Public water in Edmonton is fluoridated, so let your children drinking public water, it can prevent carries.

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